Day in the Life – Tuesday

Tuesdays in my week are another very hectic day. A bit like yesterday I actually managed to make it into college a bit before my first lecture to get a head start on the day. I found a convenient computer cluster and printed a few bits I was going to need later in the day.

Tuesday mornings are mostly taken up by the Management module. First thing is an hour-long lecture which students on my course (Library and Information Studies) share with those on the Archives and Records Management programme. Today’s lecture was on Human Resources Management.

After the first hour the librarians and archivists divide off for more discussion-oriented sessions. These are always an interesting chance to hear more about the experiences of the other students on the course.

We then split into our small groups to work on the latest task for our imaginary libraries – writing a job description and person specification for one of the roles. We have been working on these libraries since last term – coming up with the concept, then working through various professional tasks which would needed in the real world. It’s been an enjoyable chance to do something creative, but also a good way to get useful experience of tasks such as managing a budget and allocating funds for resources.

Because most people in the group have work commitments, and may not even be in London most of the week, finding a time to discuss the project has proved to be a bit tricky! Today we decided to stay behind through the lunch break to make sure we are all happy with the latest edits we made on the shared google doc we have been working with.

Straight after the groupwork it was onto my next class: 3 hours of Manuscript Studies. Like the cataloguing class yesterday, this is a module I have been auditing. Getting used to reading all the old handwriting is extremely challenging, but I have loved getting to use Latin again (my previous degree was in Classics). My favourite bit of this class though is the final hour when we look at the history of manuscripts, particularly social and cultural developments.

After a very long couple of days I spent the evening catching up with some family who were in town.

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